Why the Strength of your Social Media Strategy is Determined by the Strength of your Blog Content?

August 25, 2016
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August 25, 2016 admin

Today there seems to be an almost overwhelming number of social media platforms to maintain to ensure you are reaching your optimal audience, so it’s easy to neglect the humble blog that feels “like, so 2005” in an age of Facebook, Instagram, etc. However, a well written and regularly updated blog hosted on your business’s website can be a secret weapon in optimizing visibility and engagement in your social media campaigns.

Why Have a Blog?

The advantages of having a blog for your business aren’t immediately obvious but once realized, it becomes clear why so many businesses are still investing time and money into them.

Firstly, a blog can help drive traffic to your company’s website by offering constantly updating written content. If you consider how little the actual copy changes on your site, then keeping your site visible in an ever changing landscape of trends and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can easily become a losing battle. By having a regular blog on your site, you are consistently adding another indexed page reminding Google that your site is still active and so long as you include relevant and fresh SEO terms within the posts, you’re making your page easier find for customers looking for what your business provides.

Social Media is All Talk…

While social media is a great way of talking to and attracting customers but explaining comprehensively is a different matter. The need for brevity and impact supplants all else on social and this is where your blog comes to the rescue. A blog not only gives your business a far bigger scope to write in more detail but by using it to pre-empt questions and concerns customers may have, it gives your business an overriding image of authority over the services and/or products your business supplies. Social media is your mouthpiece, your blog is your voice telling your audience what your business is really capable of.

The other huge benefit that a blog can add to your social marketing is providing you with shareable content to spread throughout the platforms. By adding a blog post on your social media channels, you are not only creating an effective point of engagement but also providing your business with the opportunity to reach a new audience as your existing audience begins to share the article on their pages.

And perhaps best of all, when your audience reads the blog, it puts them directly on your site which is exactly where you want them. With this is mind, it is always wise to feature at least one call to action on your blog posts so users are encouraged to check out other parts of the site.

… but a Blog is the Real Deal.

Implementing a blog into your social media strategy is one of the most effective of ways of breeding confidence amongst your customers (existing or new) and proving to them your business is the real deal.

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