10 Secret Santa Ideas That Will Bring the Holiday Cheer

December 22, 2016
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December 22, 2016 admin

The snow is on the ground, the Christmas music is on the radio, and the tree is up in the house. That could only mean one thing. It’s time for your holiday gift exchange at work.

Instead of letting out your usual groan, you can get excited this year with some great gift ideas. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to put a smile on the face of that special someone whose name you just learned.

Price: $7

Nothing says, “I want you to focus on work all day long,” quite like a waterproof notepad. It might seem a little demanding, but who wouldn’t love a notepad that lets them take notes in the shower?

Plus, you can snag one of these bad boys for $7, so it looks cool, but it’s about as cheap as presents come.

Price: $9.99

Does your co-worker like to brown bag it to work every day? If so, this reusable to-go box is the perfect gift. As an added bonus, you won’t have to see that ridiculous brown bag with the grease stains anymore.

Price: $9.99

If your co-worker likes to keep things spicy, keychain hot sauce is in order. It hooks right on a keychain, so a little dash of heat is never far away.

Price: $19.95

Who said wine and coffee don’t mix? Get this merlot infused coffee for the coffee enthusiast who needs a little sip of the good stuff during working hours.

Price: $8.00

There’s always one guy or gal who complains about people stealing pencils at work. Put an end to it with an engraved pencil set.

Price: $9.99

You probably have a co-worker who obsesses over his or her iPhone screen. Help your co-worker keep it clean with this tech cloth. It will be $9.99 well spent if it means you’ll never have to see your co-worker lift up a shirt to clean the screen again.

Price: $6.16

Dry erase boards are a thing of the past. Let your co-worker take notes on the fly with dry erase sheets.

Price: £14.99

Everyone has that co-worker who likes to take naps during the day. Make naptime more comfortable with a musical pillow. The built-in speaker will help him or her drift off to sleep after a big lunch.

Price: $31.95

If you have a co-worker you really like, put down $31.95 for a smartphone projector. Then, sneak into his or her office during the day for a movie when things get slow at work.

Price: $12.18

The real world can get stressful. Help your co-worker alleviate some of that stress with an adult coloring book. Be sure to hang the best pictures up on the work fridge.

These presents will help you bring a little bit of excitement to your holiday gift exchange. When next Christmas rolls around, your co-workers will fight to get you as their Secret Santa.

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