A Guide to Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Agency

March 30, 2018
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March 30, 2018 admin

When choosing to outsource your digital marketing to an agency, it may be difficult to know you’ll be getting quality work on behalf of your company. It is key to find a company that is reputable, able to deliver on their word, and will help you see the results you want. Following these 5 guidelines will help you narrow down your search and hone in on the agency that is the best fit for your business goals and objectives.

  • Determine how much time your in-house team will have to invest in the partnership. Though the hired agency will be taking on the majority of the work, they will not be operating in a silo. It is important to decide upfront how much time your company and team members are able to dedicate to the marketing strategy and processes, and then find an outside team that is able to compliment that time commitment.
  • Ask for samples of their most recent work. There is nothing better than seeing your potential agency’s hard work in action. Being able to see the variety and unique approaches they use to different business models and goals – while also seeing how they have successfully implemented strategies for similar companies – will put your mind at ease.
  • Don’t focus on the cost of the agreement. While many companies will have budget limitations when it comes to bringing a digital marketing agency onboard, it is important to not get bogged down on the dollar amount of proposals. Focus on the quality of work and be sure that the company you choose is worth the fees they are charging.
  • Submit a request for proposal. If a company has preset plans, then that’s a big red flag. Each agency you consider should be able to craft a strategic marketing plan that specifically focuses on the needs of your business. This request should come complete with an account representative or team that is dedicated to your goals and objectives. Reaching out to a call center for help is another bad sign. Having a well-crafted plan with a designated team to carry out that plan is key.
  • Meet your final candidates in person. Sure, this takes additional budgeting upfront, but being able to put a face to a name can be invaluable. It is easy to sounds professional and put together by email and even by phone, but it is a bit more difficult for an agency to pretend to know what they are doing when you sit down face-to-face.

Don’t rush the interview process when it comes to a major business decision like hiring an outside marketing agency. By following these 5 guidelines, you can rest assured that you are making the right decision in the end and will see the results that your business needs to thrive in a digitally-focused era.


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