20 gift ideas for some inspiration about how to do Secret Santa right.

December 20, 2017
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December 20, 2017 admin

When it comes to Secret Santa, the task can be a burden or a blessing. Some people excel at small gift-giving, while others belly flop when dicing into that particular pool.

Take a look at these gift ideas for some inspiration about how to do Secret Santa right!

  1. Cell Phone Holders 

Price: $3

For the Secret Santa selection who always has their phone in their hand! This little guy will hold the burden for them!

  1. Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker with Mic

Price: $6

Does your Secret Santa choice love to sing in the shower? Let them embrace their inner karaoke star with this choice!

  1. Mousepad

Price: $6.99

For the friend or co-worker who needs more precision in their lives! You may not be able to fix their mistakes, but maybe this will lead to less of them!

  1. Customized Leather Headphone holder C I G O

Price: $8

For the casual music listener who needs a more artisanal way to carry headphones.

  1. Einsteyn staples holder

Price: $11

For the genius in the office. Allow them to embrace their inner Einstein with this paper clip holder!

  1. Desktop Note Pad

Price: $12

Here’s a Secret Santa gift with some real “kick” to it!

  1. Build-On Brick Mug Coffee Cup

Price: $12

Is your Secret Santa extra caffeinated every day? Allow them to burn through that energy by giving them a playground for adventure on their coffee mug!

  1. iPhone Card Reader Superspeed USB 3.0

Price: $14

If the person you picked for Secret Santa needs more tools for conversion in their life, this little tech gift could be a lifesaver!

  1. Universal Bike Mount

Price: $15

What better way to convey to your Secret Santa pick that you care than to give them the gift of bike-ride streaming!

  1. iPad cases in all sizes

Price: $15

The best gift you can give someone? One that keeps on giving. Every time your pick looks at their unbroken iPad, they will think of you.

  1. Key tracker

Price: $17.95

Bill is always losing his keys. Bill is your pick for Secret Santa. See the connection, here?

  1. bluetooth BeanieSmart

Price: $18.98

Keeping ears warm and beats bumping since 2017!

  1. Ghostek Wireless Headphones | Water Resistant | Bluetooth

Price: $20

If you pulled someone who is always tangled up in cables, free them up a bit with these earphones.

  1. ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow

Price: $20

For the over-stressed and under-rested Secret Santa Selection.

  1. keychain organiser

Price: $20

Don’t let your Secret Santa choice spend any more time sorting through their keys than necessary. Give the gift of entering doors to your pick.

  1. Air plant holder

Price: $24

The perfect fit for some desktop greenery! For the plant-loving pick in this year’s Secret Santa draw.

  1. solar power bank

Price: $24

For the co-worker, friend, or family member who always needs more power! Use the sun to help give them the juice they need.

  1. Ghostek case

Price: $24.95

For the person who loves their phone, a loving gift is one that provides protection.

  1. Zoom Telephoto Lens

Price: $24.9

Seeing is believing, and your Secert Santa pick will see that you’re the champ with this gift.

  1. Trtl Pillow – Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support

Sometimes, the best gift you can receive is a little bit of support. Give the person you selected some spinal support with this pillow!

There you have it! The best picks for being a successful Secret Santa in 2017!


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